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About Bron

I remember when I was about 9 years old, my acting teacher, David Coyle, offered a session where students could enter drama school exams. As we were going through a monologue, it suddenly occurred to me that he did this for a living. Teaching Speech & Drama! What an awesome thing to do with your life! To share great literature in such an exciting way. Maybe this was something I could do in a thousand years when I was grown up? From then on, I started paying particular attention to how he and all my teachers taught.

When I was 17, I trained to be an actor at the eclectic Theatre Nepean and gained an additional degree in Education not long after. I worked with some wonderful theatre companies like Company B with their Asian Theatre Festivals, toured a couple of times with Bell Shakespeare in a beautiful production of Sadako and 1000 Paper Cranes, and made some steadfast friends producing, directing and acting on the indie theatre scene.

In my mid-twenties, I returned to London and tested my mettle. I taught, and also collaborated with many great artists and companies, each with their own understanding of how to best communicate their work.

In 2011, I returned to Sydney with my own family, and with the encouragement of the brilliant teacher, Jacqui Field, I started my specialist training in Speech and Drama and then went on to study with a very special teacher, Robyn Fraser. I taught at Loreto Kirribilli and with the team at PLC Sydney.

In 2016, I started my own studio where I could concentrate on developing my method of teaching performance skills. This is an ongoing labour of love. Every person is a world unto themselves, and I hope to provide each of my students with many sources to inspire their drive to communicate in their unique way. Having been a stutterer and battled chronic shyness as a child, I know there are many paths to finding one’s voice.

I have the honour of being an Examiner for the Australian Speech and Communication Association (ASCA) and you’ll sometimes even find me performing on tv or on stage!

Photo by Kathy Luu